The Ghost Bride: A Novel - Yangsze Choo

I see dead people....

Li Lan, the motherless Chinese maiden, whose opium-addicted father has betrothed her to the deceased son of a wealthy family, accidentally finds herself roaming the Plains of the Dead - a terrifying afterworld where ghosts wait around to be judged, punished or reborn to new lives.

"What is it about this ghost world that seemed to create uncanny parallels with the living?"

Within the ghost world, she embarks on a supernatural adventure, filled with highly imaginative, colorful characters including horned demons, corrupt judges and shape-shifting investigators.

Yangsze Choo has created hauntingly fantastic worlds of the living and dead. All the elements that have fascinated me in Chinese folklore and mythology are in this novel- traditional Chinese rituals, superstitions, the ominous afterlife, fabled creatures and the portended judgement day. A spellbinding tale that is, at once, mysterious, suspenseful, romantic and otherworldly intriguing.

Recommended for the readers who like that type of thing.