Poems ~ Poemas Marai - Sandor Marai





Poems- Poemas by Sándor Márai is a sampling of some of his poetic writings, spanning three decades. Márai presented them here in both English and Spanish; the collective works are divided into several themes:


"Love and Seduction" will leave you panting for breath.


"Fantasy" will leave you floating on air.


The section dedicated to "Gothic" themes may chill you but in a sensual way.


"Death" may be mournful yet cathartic.


The "Miscellaneous" portion holds some verses on Peace, Patriotism, Justice. One particular verse stood out for me titled Fatherland-

Present is my absence 

Far in proximity
Thinking,I vehemently touch
Your beauty my fatherland.

( it goes on but I won't spoil it)


Márai confesses that "the task of translating my poems was not easy. I suffered the predicament of knowing what I meant when I wrote them." Keeping true to the concept, word choices and structure was difficult in translating his poems; perhaps he felt that the flow and context might be less graceful, or that its lyricism might be lost in translation.


To my mind, they did not.


The following poem Let Me SeduceYour Lips inspired the superimposed composite. Enjoy!