The Winter People - Jennifer McMahon









There are doorways, gates, between this world and the world of spirits through which the dead can return. Not just as spirits, but as living, breathing beings-- Sleepers.





The Winter People is a preternatural, gothic classic; a feral, feverishly suspenseful tale of those who exist outside the known world, on the fringe --



 The story of a little girl named Gertie who died. 

Whose mother loved her too much to let her go.

So she brought her back. 

The world she came back to wasn't the same. 

She wasn't the same.....


What she longs for is human blood.

I was truly impressed with how well the author was able to blend the typical otherworldly elements of a ghost story, without crossing the line into triteness: it was simply a phantasmagoric read.

And, I think the portal was left open for a sequel?..sequel...sequel!